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4 Branches Chinese Medicine Center Winston Salem


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The four branches of Chinese medicine we offer  are herbal medicineacupuncturemedical qi gong and qi gong, and Chinese nutritional therapy. Each of the four branches encompasses thousands of years of knowledge, teachings, and techniques that are designed to help achieve optimal health. At 4 Branches Chinese Medicine Center we will use one or more of these branches to assist individuals in their health goals. As generalists we both have a lot of experience working with a variety of specific health conditions.  It is through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine that we are able to use our various modalities to encourage our clients to move persistently towards radiant health and vitality.

Chinese medicine never separated out the body, mind, and spirit as separate entities with different approaches. Instead they all coexist in the human matrix and are addressed equally using tools like herbs, acupuncture, food/diet, medical qi gong and qi gong. Chinese medicine and all its branches can be used effectively for prevention, acute health issues, as well as chronic health problems by stimulating and restoring our natural healing capacity and healing and repairing any damage. As practitioners of Chinese medicine we concern ourselves with the flow of qi in the body and organ health.

One organ of obvious importance is the heart. Traditionally,  the heart is considered the emperor/empress of your internal kingdom, and using the metaphors of ancient Chinese civilizations, it is imperative that the emperor/empress be healthy and content for the kingdom to thrive. In this metaphor a healthy heart exemplifies healthy internal organs and meridians that are free of dis-ease. This is one reason why we use the character of the heart (at the top left of the page), which consists of four branches as our logo. The other important reason is that the four branches of the heart character represent the spiritual ideal of an empty heart, unencumbered by imbalanced emotions. When this is the case the entire body is considered to be in balance and the inner kingdom to be abundant and secure. When the heart is free of worry, sadness, anxiety, anger, fear, etc… it is believed that the five innate virtues – order and unconditional love (heart/fire), integrity and courage (lungs/metal), deep trust (spleen/earth), compassion and kindness (liver/wood), and wisdom and inner peace (kidneys/water) – can then rest within the heart allowing for a happy, balanced and healthy life.

The virtues can only appear in their fullness when the body is healthy. If there is pain, discomfort or imbalance then it is more difficult to live a harmonious and fulfilled life, likewise if one has full healthy organ qi it is difficult to feel imbalanced or negative emotions. In assisting one to attain physical health, it is impossible to avoid treating the emotional and spiritual underpinnings of the human matrix. Thus many people will report feeling better not only physically but also feel much calmer and more stable and fulfilled with treatments.

It is our goal to translate and provide access to the wisdom of Chinese medicine, both as teachers and as practitioners, so that you can use this knowledge to create  a balanced life of radiant health for yourself.

On our site, we offer you practical tools you can use on your own that include our blogs, our CDs/DVDs/downloadable audio, and video files.  In our role as practitioners, we offer guidance and assistance with your health goals through individual consultations, either by phone or in person that provide a comprehensive array of Chinese medicine that includes:

We look forward to working with you.

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